Our Story

Traveled across East Asia on an expedition searching for healthy and natural desserts, we met the Wei's brothers, BlackBall's founders, who mastered the craft of making delicious all natural jellies with wonderful health properties. The brand, BlackBall, has redefined Taiwanese desserts, and is renowned for premium jellies, available in thousand stores across Asia.

In support of veganism and sustainability, we collaborate with BlackBall, and set out our mission to make these healthy and natural jellies accessible to everyone, everywhere.

At Mesona Foods, we believe great things come from small beginnings, that is why we make our Jellies in the same small batches that Wei’s brothers used to cook from the start - in their kitchen! With an authentic recipe, from Our Family to Yours, we are honored and humbled to share this extraordinary gift with you: our Jelli.me jellies - a delectable, yet fresh-tasting treat which you can practically taste the love and tradition in every bite.

2006 BlackBall Est. in Taipei
2015 1st Mini-Cup Production
2019 Mesona Foods Partnership
2020 Jelli.me Brand Launch


Unadulterated & Natural desserts that are healthy and delicious to enjoy!

Aiyu Jelly

Deliciously light and refreshing treat with an exceptional lemony taste.
(Coming Soon)

Grass Jelly

Delightfully soft and bouncy with a modern twist for smooth taste.
Available Now!

Matcha Jelly

Made from the finest first flush Uji Kyoto Matcha for exquisite taste.
(Coming Soon)



Our jellies are freshly cooked locally using finest premium natural ingredients for best quality and taste.

No Preservatives

Represent our commitment to healthy products by maintaining their true natural properties.

Natural Ingredients

Our jellies contain many nutrients and minerals that are perfect for health and overall good life.

Real Cane Sugar

No high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners, just pure real cane sugar to sweeten our jellies.

Our Ingredients

Our Jelly is simply. Made from Plants with Premium Cane Sugar. No Gelatin. No Gluten. No Preservatives. We believe it's the future of Jelly.


Cassava Starch · Seaweed · Agar-agar · Carob · Konjac

By using natural gelling and thickening properties of a variety plants. Our products deliver healthier than the animal-based Gelatin, that is made from the boiled skin, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, and/or bones of sensitive cows, pigs, and fish—which is gross and cruel. It's the perfect vegetarian substitute for Gelatin. No Brainer!


Premium Demerara Sugar

Originating from the British colony, Demerara sugar is a large-grain sugar which is produced from sugarcane. Unlike white, brown, refined sugar, Demerara is very minimally processed. As a result, it keeps some of the vitamins and minerals which naturally occur in the sugar cane. It's purity given that it's unadulterated.


Mesona Plant · Lemon · Lime · Uji Kyoto Matcha

The flavors and colors in our Jelly come from natural plant and fruit. We do not use artificial flavor, for any reason, and we never will.